Wedding Knight


The Story starts off with the children of Lord Turner being called into the Lord’s study. He tells them that the House has been told by their Liege Lord that they need to host a wedding between two Houses that have been at odds for as long as anyone can remember. The reason that they are hosting is to keep the peace and make sure that nothing goes wrong during the wedding. He also tells them that two more houses are also attending the wedding as guests and one of the extra houses coming have been at odds with House Turner for a while now and he wants his children to keep an eye on them. He also wants his children to organize the Welcoming Feast and the Hunt for the wedding.

So Cane Snow and Jesse go down to the Kitchen to start preparations for the Welcoming Feast while Lyall goes to the Master of the Hunt to make sure they have all the supplies they need to host the hunt. William goes to Terra Wolfgang to get her help in scouting out the hunting area.

After Cane and Jesse talk to the Head Cook Cane goes to the Cooks Assistants to try to woo them but instead just says hi awkwardly and goes away.

William finds Terra and she agrees to help them scout out the area. They then join Lyall in making sure that the Master of the Hunt has all the supplies they need which they do. The three of them then get on their horses and start looking for signs of the prey they want to hunt.

After about 30 minutes they find some animal tracks witch they identify as deer. What they really wanted to find though was boar so they have Terra take control of her Shadowcat which picks up some boar tracks. In the days leading up to the Wedding they are baiting the Hunting Grounds.

Three days later the Head of the House called all his children into his study again to let them know of an update. When they got their he said I have an update we just got a raven in saying that a merchant is going to be arriving about the same time the wedding is supposed to be going on and he came all the way from braavos so we are not going to turn him away and he is going to try and set up a deal with us and we’ll conduct the negotiations during the wedding.” After telling his children that they leave the room and discuss amongst themselves who will be conducting the negotiations and they end up deciding on Jesse.


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