Gathering at Wolf's Den

Wedding Knight

Gathering at Wolf’s Den

Two days later one of the sentries sees the Guest House Banners on the horizon and the Family starts getting ready to receive them.

They decide that William, Cane, Jesse, and Lyall will be receiving the guests.

The First House they receive is house Garte which has five members attending the Wedding and one sworn Knight Ser Etan Togg.

When the Welcoming Party Approached House Garte Ser William Turner said “I’m Ser William Turner. Welcome to Castle Wolves Den. This is my brother Lyall, my other brother Cane Snow, and my sister Jessie who will be helping you get settled in.”

Jessie then asks the Gartes “Who do I have the pleasure of meeting.”

Lord Garte replies “My wife and my two daughters and our Septon.”

Jessie escorts Lord and Lady Garte and the Septon to her father and then shows the two sisters to their rooms.

Meanwhile William gets ready to receive House Tanning which has a party of four consisting of Lord Manning, two sons, and House Tannings Maester.

William then says when they approach him "I’m Ser William Turner and welcome to Castle Wolf’s Den. This wedding should be a great time and we are expecting no trouble during this wedding.”

Lord Tanning replies “I would hope so and I can’t wait for this thing to be over so my House can finally move beyond this conflict”

William replies “That’s what I’m hoping for too. Now my brother Cane Snow will help you get situated.”

Cane then escorts Lord Tanning and House Tanning’s Maester to his father and then shows the two brothers to their rooms.

Meanwhile William gets ready to receive House Dannet which has a party of twelve consisting of Lord Dannet, his daughter, his heir, four Men-at-Arms, a Maester, and a Merchant with 3 Bodyguards.

William then welcomes them to their castle and does the introductions and then says "It is nice to see you again. We don’t want any trouble during this wedding. We know we have our differences but let’s set them aside for this wedding and maybe in the future we can straighten things out.”

Lord Tanning replies “We’ll see.” as he coughs.

Lyall then helps the Dannet’s and their entourage get settled in.

William then gets ready to receive the next house but before he does that he tells Terra Wolfgang “Go get Jesse and let her know that I want her to talk to Adham Dannet.”

House Ludus arrives with the second born son and his four Men-at-Arms.

As House Ludus’ entourage approaches Orten Ludus speaks before William has a chance and says “Good tidings from the Iron Throne.”

William replies “I am Ser William Turner and welcome to Castle Wolves Den. I expect were going to have a great wedding.”

Meanwhile Terra finds Jesse and is able to get across to Jesse that William wants her to talk to Adham Dannet.

Jesse replied “Thank you. Now find out where William is at.”

After William finishes up with Orten Ludus he sees a lone rider coming down the road. He then goes out to meet the lone rider and then realizes that the lone rider is Nikolai Tendaro. His old acquaintance from when he was training with Braavosi Assassins. He says “Hey Nikolai what’s going on.”

Nikolai responds" Nothing much we’ve been working for our father."

“Sounds like your still crazy but hey. You’ve all still been training down there”

“We’ve stopped training there years ago. How have you been?”

“I’ve been doing good. I miss Braavosi though it would be nice to go back”

“We miss our home also. We need to talk to your father now though.”

After most of the Guest have been shown to their quarters for the duration of their stay they start filtering out into the castle yard and the common areas of the castle.

During this time Lyall makes his way to the yard looking to spar with Adham Dannet. When he sees him he approaches him and says “Would you like to go spar and see if we can work some things out between our houses.”

He Replies “Sure and I’ll show you the superiority of my House.”

They then salute each other and proceed with the fight. Lyall makes the first move by charging towards Adham. He swings his sword two times trying to get past Adham’s Defenses but with no luck. With his third swing though Adham was only able to get a partial deflection and his arm gets grazed by Lyall’s sword. Adham then counter attacks with three swift strikes but only the last one was able to get through Lyall’s Defenses grazing his side. Lyall Responds with three mighty blows battering down Adham’s Defenses with the third getting past his sword and hitting his sword arm with such force he drops it and says “OK, OK I Yield.”

“So did I prove anything here?”

“Well I’m only sixteen and I’ll sure I’ll do better with more practice.”

Meanwhile Jesse has been able to get a one on one audience with Sylvie Garte in her room and tries to charm her.

Jesse starts off by saying “Your husband is very handsome. You are a very lucky lady and I’m very excited for you.”

Sylvie responds charmingly “Why thank you.”

“I’m excited to be a part of your wedding. I hope you have the best wedding ever in the entire world. I’m jealous that you were born into a family of power and status. You and I should be best friends.”

“Thank you very much that sounds like a good idea. Let’s be friends”

“I want to be the best of friends”

Sylvie starts to have feelings of kinship with Jesse.

Meanwhile William is escorting Nikolai to see his father and asks “So man what brings you all the way to Westeros.”

Nikolai responds "Trying to negotiate terms to be able to use the river on you land to help transport goods.”

“Well that sounds good but we’ll have to get with my father about that. You are usually more gun-ho in a killing folks sort of way. Is there any chance of you freaking out?”

“No we are under control. We have made peace with ourselves.”

“Would you like to speak with my father?”

“Yes, that’s what I’m here for is to negotiate terms with your father about this.”

“I’m going to take you to my father but I need you to keep your damn cool in there. Keep your cool”

“We don’t plan on attacking anybody”

“I know but I’m going to watch your ass”

“There’s no reason for me to. I would like to go to the yard though.”

“Well get to that after we get business sorted out.”

They continue down the hall to meet William’s father and when they get to him William introduces Nikolai saying “This is Merchant Prince Nikolai.”

Lord Turner replies “Thank you my son I’ll take it from here. So nice to finally meet you Nikolai.”

Nikolai responds “it’s nice to meet you too sir. I see that I have interrupted during a wedding and it seems like the preparations are away.”

“Yeah that round about sums it up.”

“We are here to negotiate terms for us to start sending ships through the river by your house so that we could spread our merchandise through Westeros into the southlands and also we heard that your daughter handles this business.”

“That is correct she is quite good at negotiations.”

“Can I speak to her then so we can get negotiations under way?”

“You can.”

Meanwhile Terra approaches Darren Tanning in the Castle Courtyard and bows towards him and gets across the message that she wishes to spar with him.

He replies “I won’t spar with you but would you like to do a little archery?”

She indicates that she wouldn’t want to do that but she would like to have a little footrace.
He responds “You’re on.” He then looks around the courtyard and says “This should be the route. So first it will be a pure sprint and then it will be like monkey bars and then after the monkey bars you will sprint to run over two beams while balancing get down run and then climb up and then fireman’s pole down and then run to the finish line”

They then go up to the line in the sand and Darren says “Go”

Terra is first off the line but Darren is right beside her. Rounding the corner Terra is ahead of Darren by about a yard. Terra is the first to get onto the bars. It is immediately apparent that Terra is a much better climber then Darren and she is slowly building a lead. Terra is the first to get off the bars with Darren only about halfway across. She gets to the beams first with Darren still making his way across the bars. When Darren finally gets off of the bars Terra is about halfway done making her way across the beams. When she gets off the beams Darren has just gotten onto them. She is the first one to start her climb up the boxes and Darren is almost halfway across the beams. Darren has finally gotten across the beams and Terra is almost halfway done with her climb up the boxes. She slides down the pole and Darren is just now getting to the boxes. Terra hits the ground running and crosses the finish line ahead of Darren by 13 yards with him still climbing up the boxes. About 24 seconds later Darren finally crosses the finish line and walks away dejectedly.

Meanwhile Cane approaches Ser Kevan Tanning and says “Hey I want to pull you aside Ser Kevan Tanning and tell you that my family has had kind of a bad history with the Dannet Family and I believe the only reason they are here is to try and disrupt the wedding and I’m just trying to look out for you and your wedding and your house and maybe you should take a little more precautions toward that House.”

Kevan Tanning responds “Well I thought they were here because their also under our lord liege.”

“Well were all under our lord but you know how these lands work your friends one day and enemies the next I’m just trying to show you that my house is looking out for you.”

“You know I think you may have a point.”

Meanwhile Lyall Approaches Ser Etan Togg and says “Would you like to either spar or have an archery match.”

He responds “I think I’m a pretty good shot.”

“All Right if you say so.”

They then approach the area of the yard that has targets set up and prepare to start.

Lyall goes first. He pulls back his bow, aims and lets loose. His first shot embeds itself in the second most inner ring on the target. It is now Ser Toggs turn. He aims and fires but his shot is not as good as Lyalls and it hits the third innermost ring. Lyall aims his second shot and fires but it almost misses the target. Ser Togg then fires his second shot and almost misses the target also. Lyal goes again. He pulls back his bow and let’s loose a beauty of a shot which embeds itself right in the middle of the target. Ser Togg then attempts his final shot but it is nowhere near as close as Lyalls.

He then says “Well it appears that you have beaten me. Congratulations on your victory.” He then walks away in defeat.

Meanwhile Jesse is still talking with Sylvie and says “Between you and me girl. You know that you’re about to be married to a powerful house and your already the richest house out of all the houses here. Maybe you should talk to your soon to be husband because I heard that Alfric Dannet is trying to kill your soon to be husband.”

An almost imperceptible smile appears on Sylvie’s face but vanishes just as quickly and she says “Well I hope that doesn’t happen during the wedding.” She also appears convinced that Jesse is telling the truth.

They then leave the room.

Shortly after that Lord Turner, William, and Nikolai find Jesse and Lord Turner says to Nikolai “This is my daughter Jesse and she is very good at negotiations.”

Nikolai says to Jesse “We need to talk to you about using the river on your lands to transport goods.”

She responds “What kind of goods do you plan on using them for.”

“Whatever needs to be sold?”

“What needs to be sold?”

“We deal in everything.”

“Who are you selling them to?”

“Whatever needs to be sold we sell everything to make a profit.”

“Who are you selling to?”

“Whoever is in the market to buy the things we are selling at the time?”

“What house are you from.”

“Tendaro House of Braavos.”

“Oh Braavosi I’ve heard good things about them.”

“I met your brother there”

“Oh which one. The bastard.”

“No the heir”

“Oh, oh William”


“So out of these trades your trying to do in my fair city here let’s talk percentage?”


“If you’re going to sell in my town I’m going to want a cut?”

“There’s a saying we have in Braavos. You scratch my back and I scratch your back. This is going to help boost your economy. Help us trade our goods and also you when one of our ships comes into port you will get to use that ship to travel where you want free of charge if there is space available.”

“So far I like your terms. How bought we negotiate further in private. Dad, William I got this. We’re going to go over here and talk in private.”

“We would prefer if he came with us.” Nikolai said indicating William."

“Well I would prefer for him not to come with us.” said Jesse.

“That’s too bad.” said William “I’m coming.”

Jesse responds “Can I have permission Dad,” indicating Lord Turner “to talk to this guy in private. My room’s right here and we could go in there and do this.”

Nikolai says “We would prefer to do this in a council chambers of some sort.”

“Fine have it your way.” They then make their way to the council chambers and then Jesse says “Now that were alone we can begin and first off I want one of the exquisite kinds of Braavosii blades.”

“We can’t get you an exquisite one because that would be Valerian Steel.”

“I see a superior sword at your side. I want one of them.”

“We can’t get you one right now but we might be able to later.”

“That’s what I’m saying. You scratch my back. I scratch yours.”

“The first ship that comes through from Braavos I’ll guarantee has a superior Braavosii sword on it.”

“Make sure it’s got my name on it. Second of all I want a ten percent cut of anything that comes through here.”

“We can do the sword but there’s no way we can do the ten percent.”

“Fine that’s a fair agreement.”

Meanwhile Cane is still talking with Ser Kevan Tanning and says “Hey man I know I’m just the bastard from my house but you’re about to become married with another house with your own lady and everything. Your dad is getting into his elder years and when you do take over the throne I want to be the first person you come to when you need help. I think we should be all time allies.”

Kevan Replies “I think that would be a good idea good sir.”

Meanwhile Lyall and Nikolai have decided to have a sparring match where they exchange a quick flurry of blows but Nikolai disarms Lyall who then yields.

Gathering at Wolf's Den

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