jessie turner

the bitch (not a whore)


BACK STORY: jessie being the youngest of the house siblings was always the last to get choice in anything (besides the bastard). Not being a male in the house of the turners,she had to defend herself verses her brothers. Not being able to defeat them in fight of swords or bows she studied hard to beat them with her mind. Being very successful in her studies she soon became known as the brains of the house and now handles the money, barters and the occasional allies and foes off the battle field.

Goals: jessie wants to be the master of the puppets of all the kingdoms under the throne. Always in the business of whats going on in the land since her brother william will take heir to the house she wants to be the whisper in his ear to make sure he knows where to place his pawns on the battle field and alliances. if that doesnt work or some reason she can gain ahead in life she drives for the title of Kings Hand.

jessie turner

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